LIFTATICS Interview: Jay Brophy (Mulatto Muscle)

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How and when did you start training?

My father played in the NFL, so athletics and training were always a part of my life. The first time I ever went to the gym I was 10 years old. My father needed a spotter and was always fascinated with the gym, so it’s always been a part of my life.

Did you make any mistakes as a newbie?

Absolutely! And I think it is imperative to do so. Everyone wants to hire a coach, and everyone wants to run to supplements, gear, etc before they even touch a barbell. Get your ass in the gym, work hard and eat well. See what is working and what isn’t. Do your research and figure out what is best for you. If you hire a coach and take a million supplements you won't know if the coach is telling you meaningful shit or if the supps are even making a difference. Training is a science and your body is the experiment. Try new things and who gives a shit about what people have to say.

How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated by constantly creating new goals for myself. I always push myself to find out what my new limits are, so I can find ways to overcome them. Never settle for what you think your best is. There is always more to unlock.

What was your low point or turning point?

My lowest point is when I lost my daughter to SIDS. I was confused, damaged, and I didn’t know what my place in the world was anymore. I soaked my pain in the bottom of a bottle and my only lifting was a fork. I let myself get to about 350 lbs. One day, I turned on youtube and I saw a shit talkin mother shut your mouth from Compton talking crazy and training like a mad man. That very next day I went to the gym and started my journey. CT Fletcher saved my life.

What is a typical daily diet for you?

All I eat is chicken, seafood (Cod, shrimp, scallops), steak, with basmati rice or green vegetables.

What is your goal(s)?

My goal is to push myself to be the best absolute version of myself that I possibly can. Any award or accomplishments that fall into place in between then is the icing on the cake.

Who are your favorite competitors or athletes or who in the fitness industry inspires you?

Powerlifting favorite athletes in no particular order are Ray Williams, Bill Kazmaier, Ed Coan, and Larry Wheels. Bodybuilders are Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler Roli Winkler, Kai Green, Kevin Levrone, and Dexter Jackson.

Fitness influencers are CT. Fletcher, Kali Muscle, Strength Cartel, and The Harrison twins.

What is your favorite supplement(s) or brand(s) these days?

Gotta keep it Old School Labs! Use my code Mulatto12 for discounts.

What is your number one philosophy or favorite quote?

One of my favorites but, I have many. Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face. - Mike Tyson

What is your best body part?

Gun show!

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  • The homie is as real as it gets! Family man! True friend! A visionary that puts IN WORK! Proud of you bro! Only thing wrong with you is your ACC alliance GO NOLES
    Much love

    Doc on

  • I have known Jay Brophy since we were kids. This guys really walks the walk. Not only is he the hardest working and training person you’ll every meet, he also has the hugest heart. He gives credit where it’s due and takes no shit. He also inspires others to push their limits and reach their true potential. I was one of the smallest kids in class as a kid. Because of Jay and his Dad as an inspiration, I played football and took on people twice my size in a hundred ways. They taught me that having heart was the most important. Work ethic and not feeling sorry for yourself leads to success. Keep gettin’ at it JB!! Peace

    Noah Fishbane on

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