TAVIEW Blood Flow Restriction Bands (Arm/Leg)

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TAVIEW occlusion bands for Blood Flow Restriction to help with Fast Muscle Growth

  • COMFORT AND QUALITY: Highest quality elastic material - ideal for occlusion training. Restricts proper blood flow, but not movement or muscle contractions
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: 1.25 inches for the arms, 2 inches for the legs is ideal widths for proper occlusion. Our buckle isn't bulky. It's sleek and designed to easily loosen and tighten, and never pinches your skin!
  • COMPLETE BUNDLE SET: Bands come in a pack of 4 bands (2 for arms) (2 for legs)+carry bag making it the complete set to occlusion training
  • INCREASED GAINS WITH LESS WEIGHT: Studies have shown that using blood flow restriction bands increases levels of Mtor and lowers myostatin levels, which creates an environment in your body more conductive to muscle growth. Occlusion bands induce hypertrophy at a 10-30 % of a 1RM, making the results like those achieved at 80% 1RM.

1 set Include: 2 Arm wraps & 2 leg wraps but each can be purchase separately