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TAVIEW Gloves/Grips are easy to slip-on and slip off. It's just that simple. Very Comfortable fit with many uses. Multi-Functional used as general weight lifting gloves, Crossfit gloves, Crossfit Grips, gymnastics grips, Cross Training, lifting random objects, Pull-Ups, Olympic Lifts, Powerlifting, General Exercise & Fitness, and More!

  • NO MORE CALLUSES - Say goodbye to rips and tares on your hands - Tired of rough, callused, and sore hands? Our workout gloves are designed to fully protect your entire palm and fingers during the most intense workouts.
  • NO BAD SMELLS - Ideal gym gloves and lifting gloves minus the sweat and smells that come along with intense exercise. The open hand design allows air to circulate your gloves and hands reducing sweat and slippage from the bar
  • ULTIMATE TIGHT GRIP & DURABLE - The rubber palm design provides a very tight grip on any pull-up bar, barbell, or machine, giving you the ability to INSTANTLY increase your reps without your hands ripping during wods. SAVE TIME AND MONEY. Built to last saving you countless purchases on cheap grips which equals more money in your pocket.