Hip Resistance Band

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Aolikes strong high-quality bands, this kind of restriction bands can be washed (Note: Hand-wash recommended), long service life, strength. Good quality material and a lot more comfortable than regular rubber bands. 

Suitable for Many Exercises-Use these bands for a range of squats and hip thrusts, muscle groups, build strength, booty workout. Workouts from glute and hip activation & strength techniques to warm up your entire body while performing a dynamic warm up. Perfect for butt and legs workouts. 
Warm Up Your Hips and Legs with the Hip Band before you dive into your workout. Warming up is crucial to a better and stronger workout. Experts agree that warming up prevents injury during workouts and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. This resistance band was designed for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, from beginner to expert.

Color: Black/Red/Blue
Size: M/L/XL
M: 64cm / 25.2inch circumference
L: 74cm / 29.1inch circumference
XL: 84cm / 33.1inch circumference