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We will give you a shoutout on our growing page. Our followers support gym addicts. They love the gym, physiques, training, they love to see individuals make gainz.

Shoutout Includes:

  • One post 
  • One tag and mention on that post.
  • Permanent Post 


  1. Email or DM us your pic
  2. If email (JPEG, JPG, PNG) 
  3. IG name to Tag along with Order Number

Disclaimer: Shoutouts will help you to promote you along with your IG/brand value and may increase your followers but we don't guarantee any particular number of likes and followers, its individual's own choice, we can't force anyone for any action.

Target Audience: CrossFitter, Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Strongman, Weightlifter, All Athletes

Platform Type: Instagram & Facebook